Milan Design Week

This month, we’re featuring the manufacturers at the forefront of the latest trends, breathtaking designs, and groundbreaking concepts at Milan Design Week! Also known as the Salone del Mobile, Milan Design Week is one of the most significant design and furniture industry events. Learn which European manufacturers showcased fascinating fixtures and exhibitions!

Biophilic Lighting Design

Biophilic lighting design represents a holistic approach to lighting that seeks to enhance indoor environments by integrating elements of nature. This month, we’re embracing the essence of spring, along with Earth Day, and featuring fixtures that infuse spaces with the vitality and tranquility of the outdoors!


Sustainability in manufacturing is crucial for creating a better world. It involves reducing the negative impact of industrial production on the environment, society, and the economy. This month, we focus on lighting manufacturers who produce energy-efficient LED products and practice sound sustainability practices. 


Lighting is a crucial element in restaurant design that can significantly impact diners’ overall experience and ambiance. As they say, we first “eat with our eyes,” this month’s lineup of lighting for dining establishments from the manufacturer can assist owners in achieving the perfect guest experience.


Rings refers to an illumination system with a circular-shaped light fixture or light arrangement. Architects and designers increasingly turn to ring-shaped luminaires for their versatility. Their beauty lies in their ability to combine form and function seamlessly. This month, we are excited to present a selection of options from our manufacturers that will meet your needs.

Medical Lighting

Medical-grade commercial lighting is essential for healthcare facilities. We selected four manufacturers and their products that assist in creating a welcoming, calm, and comfortable environment.

Interior Design Trends

Interior design constantly changes, and lighting plays a significant role in this evolution. In this post, we will explore 4 latest trends in interior design related to lighting. Get ready for some creative inspiration from a few of our manufacturers.

Educational Lighting

Good commercial lighting is essential in creating a comfortable, productive, healthy learning environment for students to achieve their full potential. Here is a sample of the manufacturers we recommend that can provide affordable, efficient, creative, and appropriate lighting for learning atmospheres.

Red, White, and Blue

The creative use of color is a crucial aspect of interior design as they help to set the right mood and create the perfect atmosphere. Among the many colors, red, white, and blue are popular and versatile choices that offer unique benefits.

Acoustic Solutions

As a professional, you know that productivity is crucial to success. Acoustic lighting solutions are critical to dampening the rolling echo of noise in an open co-working space or office plan.